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first they would tear off my clothes...

more brains!

Do you ever fantasize about being killed?


August 22nd, 2009

(no subject)

Another one of my kind. I remember when Rue had the virus I was not sure if she was going to turn or not. Or if she was going to be sentient. The mindless ones have to be destroyed, no choice in the matter. Zombies deal with there own kind. Just like vampires will spank there own for being naughty.

I cross my fingers hoping she will be okay. House Cameron any of you big braains I think it is time we have a serious zombie study. There is more then just me now and I find that alarming.
My home town is not what it use to be. I saw the wreck of my house. I came to the realization home is where I am most comfortable.

The life we can make here seems like I am just a haunt. Might as well be a ghost. I changed my appearance to try and fit in. Scuz is right I am a poser. Shinji loves me yet I have issues with no longer being stylish. I should have just been happy. What a joke and I am a joke. Maybe once in my life I should do something that is me. I can't remember my name. I had one but now i'm Trash. Snape use to call me Trish I liked that. Change is not bad though, at least I did not not get into politics. Oh wait food not bombs , close enough.

Revelations right?
I hate them. it was easier when it was smell braiins eat them.
Normal life and trying trying to keep human is weird.
I can follow D'nam 's path be a monster get shot in the head. Or try and keep going and just be or pretend to be human. My make up is running I better fix it.

Pretend you are human is harder then it seems. This is my life, we are all screwed up some where.

November 15th, 2008

(no subject)

The Sky is green.
The eye is in the sky,
Some would call it Doomsday
Some an Apocalypse
This is a day
I know I have to prove myself
I added my dot

October 27th, 2008

Writer's Block: The Undead

With Halloween on the horizon, burning questions about the undead need to be answered: Can being a zombie be considered suffering?

I suppose in some ways we do suffer. Most human comforts are not comforts anymore.
So I would say loss of certain contacts cand be considered. Yet many wish for the desire not to feel pain. Pain and pleasure coinside, so that mens pleasure gets sacrificed. The only basic instincts left are the need to feed. Yet we are not lonely creatures. We have a tendacy to make friends.

In a modern day of age, I hear that is a task many fail in.
Every thing suffers, nothing has a perfact life.
Except maybe the water flea or the may fly. Short as their lifes are.

August 20th, 2008

(no subject)

No one is letting me leave.
Some new doctor is saying they want to observe me.
I hate this, I am not afraid of being out there.
I like serving burgers , I like hunting.
This is sadistic, I don't need the hospital right now.
I belong out there!!

Oh where is that kinda cute Asian kid? The wanna be gansta one.
I thought of giving him a go.

July 30th, 2008

(no subject)

Are you prepared for a zombie outbreak, or are you just going to wing it?

Let's do it.

Created by Mingle2.com (Dating for non-zombies)

July 3rd, 2008

(no subject)

Hungry , I need to eat.

Braains braains.

I gotta catch a human.

May 11th, 2008

(no subject)

I ate recently, I encountered some of Uumbridge's scouts. One was very tastey. Oh I saw that a few of us are for sale. Father Vincent seems to have a high value. Ashley as well and so are the vamps and myself of course.
The fireflys as well but not for alot. Oh Illyria and the crimson one are on sale as well. Not sure how they plan to package us. Yet it puzzles me why is father Vincent so valuble. I should eat him and figure that out. Oh Jack is on the list not sure why. Oh Rue , Duck and Fakir are on it as well. Maybe they like ballet.

Oh yeah about eating Vincent , I like him to much to do that. Maybe if he was already like recently dead but not if he can still talk. I started to develop morals. This is scary, it was easier when I could just eat people with out thinking.

February 8th, 2008

(no subject)

I'm in the school and not much I can do. I been in the potions classsroom. This place is huge and infested. Undead trolls very nasty by the way. Also the Inferi presence is more or less a crisis.

Any word on getting help from the Ministry of Magic. I doubt it, they started this and are probably covering it up as I type this. I over heard some thing.

"Senior partners" this mean anything to any one.

Trash out

January 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

You gotta be kidding he is back. I ate a Wizard , the fool is sending more in. Does he ever let up? So let's regroup wizards. Oh I heard them speak. There working on some thing big. OH and Sirius went to go talk sense into him.

Potter killed him, I could not stop him. I used an astral travel potion to locate him. Sirius is dead and then I spoke to his ghost. I saw it all , we have to go to them. They come here and what is supposedly being developed could change the balance. It feeds off the energy of fans. Taping them like batteries.

Oh he also thinks the big bad V is making the zombies. So what shall we do?

January 4th, 2008

(no subject)

Glad we could help. Anyway, there are undeads around. I said undeads. At least three breeds. I can tell one is very clever. They don't travel in packs. Maybe one or twos , possibly threes. They set traps and catch prey that way.
Very resourceful, and very scary. I have seen them work in the labs. Yes, I remember the labs. Ive been dreaming of them again.

There is also a amphibian like species out there. They have big claws and a nasty hop. I saw signs of their work. They tore up Closers and a few pendulums. I mean tore them up, sliced diced and resliced. Don't ask for fries with that.

Zombie Zombie nurses, not kidding, they are real now. They can spread it to the regular monster populus. Not to mention there was some guys in black, stunning and carrying off some beasties.

Watch out peoples, and hope we don't get backed in a corner.
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